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Institution Year Joined City/State
University Of Adelaide 2015 Adelaide, Australia
Monash University 2017 Clayton Victoria, Australia
University of New South Wales 2013 Kensington, Australia
Macquarie University Sydney 2016 North Ryde, Australia
University of Western Australia 2015 Perth, Australia
American International School in Salzburg 1998 Salzburg, Austria
MODUL University Vienna 2013 Vienna, Austria
Bahamas Academy 2017 Nassau, Bahamas
C V Bethel Senior High School 2008 Nassau, Bahamas
Bahrain Bayan School 2008 Isa Town, Bahrain
International School of Choueifat: Manama 2011 Manama, Bahrain
International School of Brussels 1999 Brussels, Belgium
Vesalius College 2013 Brussels, Belgium
Mount Saint Agnes Academy 1998 Hamilton, Bermuda
Saltus Grammar School 1998 Hamilton, Bermuda
Bermuda College 2013 Paget, Bermuda
Berkeley Institute 2016 Pembroke, Bermuda
Santa Cruz Cooperative School 1999 Santa Cruz, Bolivia
American School of Brasilia 1999 Brasilia, Brazil
Escola Americana de Campinas 1998 Campinas, Brazil

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